Does your skilled nursing have a waiting list?

Yes, sometimes it does. However, you can pre-register. Our admissions office will be happy to assist.

How do I apply for Medicaid?

Medicaid applications may be made with the Department for Medicaid Services. Following this process, it may take up to 45 days for your eligibility to be determined. The process can be easier if you are prepared prior to your meeting. Please bring the following items, as the Medicaid caseworker will request from you:

Social Security card.
Medicare card.
Birth Certificate or other record of birth; if not a citizen your legal residency card.
Bank statements on all accounts for the last 3 months (checking, savings, CD, money market).
All health and life insurance policies that cover you, your spouse, and your children. If you are paying for insurance that covers another family member (ex. grandchildren), also bring those policies.
Insurance premium books that list the policy numbers for all of those that you pay premiums.
All hospital, cancer or accident policies and their identification cards as well as the proof of payment for the premiums (such as canceled checks or receipts).
Tax records and deeds to property; fair market value of property will be requested.
Motor vehicle titles or registration cards for any vehicles listed in your name; proof of the amount you owe on each vehicle.
Original documents for stocks, bonds, or trust funds.
Prepaid burial contracts.
Benefit award letters for social security, VA, retirement pensions or supplemental securing income (SSI).
If currently employed, pay stubs for the last eight weeks. If applying for a retroactive coverage (regular Medicaid only), you will need the stubs for all pay received during the months of the medical expenses you are seeking coverage for.
All medical bills and receipts for expenses incurred in the last 3 months, paid or unpaid.
If you have recently been in the hospital, the itemized bill.
If you have become disabled and have not applied for social security benefits or SSI, an application must be made with the social security office. Proof that you have applied for those benefits will need to be provided.
Power-of-attorney document, if someone else is completing the application for you.
Please note, other items may be needed in order to make an accurate assessment of resources and income. These will be determined at the time of the interview. Direct deposit on bank statements cannot be accepted as verification of income because the gross monthly income must be initially verified.

What other paperwork will I need?

You will need a photo ID, Social Security card, Medicare card, and if applicable: insurance card, Medicaid card, and Advanced Directives (living will, power of attorney).

What medical paperwork will I need?

The paperwork you will be asked for would be completed by the primary care physician or attending physician in the hospital. We obtain the medical history, current list of medications and medical notes. If the transition will be from the hospital, our team will get all of that from the hospital to ease the transition for you. If the transition is coming from home, we will work with your physician to obtain all of the necessary medical information.

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