What is Medicare Part A / Hospital Insurance?

Part A assists in paying for an inpatient stay in a skilled nursing facility. Part A has deductibles and co-insurance requirements. Most covered individuals do not have to pay premiums for the Part A benefits.

Medicare Part A will only pay for skilled nursing care in a facility certified to participate in the Medicare program, and will cover up to 100 days per spell of illness. To be eligible for utilizing the Medicare benefits for skilled nursing care, your care needs must meet certain criteria, such as:

Daily skilled nursing or skilled rehabilitation services which can only be provided in a skilled nursing facility (SNF); and
You have been in the hospital, as an inpatient stay, for at least three consecutive days and nights; and
You are admitted to a SNF within 30 days following your hospital discharge or last covered SNF stay; and
Your care in the SNF is for a related condition that was treated in the hospital and a physician certifies that you need the services provided.
A 60 day wellness period is required by Medicare to begin a new 100-day skilled benefit period.
There are some supplies and services that are not covered. Please contact the Business Office Manager or the Social Services department for the most current information.

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