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How Can We Help Those Who Served Us All?

The brave men and women of the armed forces put their lives on the line for the love and benefit of their country. So when they need support, it is only right that the country for which they have made sacrifices pays them back. Veterans Affairs, or VA services, ensures that the needs of our country’s veterans are never forgotten.

We at Arbors at Delaware are happy to help our vets apply for and receive their VA benefits. This can include transportation assistance and Medicaid approvals. Our VA coordinators are experts at helping our ex-military residents streamline the process of receiving these well-earned services.

VA Care Options for Veterans

As the support arm of the government for our 22 million military veterans, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs contracts with specialized care centers. Arbors at Delaware welcomes the honor to assist our vets in their fragile years. Besides a long-term stay, it also covers respite care. Additional services can include occupational or physical therapy and access to social service programs. Also, coverage for short-term rehabilitation or dementia/Alzheimer’s care can become accessible.

We Are Eager To Help

Our sensitive, caring, and knowledgeable VA reps know exactly how to get vets what they need. Therefore, they can help apply for many services families are not aware of. Let us show you how we can be of service to our most honorable citizens. Your loved one served to protect our freedom. At Arbors at Delaware, you can be certain that our veterans’ rights and needs are protected, as well. We are always available to answer your questions and discuss your concerns. Feel free to contact us about VA services at any time!


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