Story from the husband of a prior resident

Where do I start…she fell in the bathroom and hit her head, leaving four injuries. I mark needing stitches, one needing staples, and two deep contusions. She was barely conscious when I got to her. The EMS came and stopped the bleeding. We went to a local emergency room where she got X-rays and was examined. Surprisingly nothing was broken but, there was head damage, but no internal bleeding, which she has had before. I say she had a concussion, that’s just because I know my wife. She also had a neck sprain, and she sprained her hand. She couldn’t move, but even when she could, she didn’t want to move due to all the pain and headaches that came with moving.

We were told that she needed to go o a nursing home. She was an RN. She had broken her hip in the past at a different nursing home. So we tried to go there at first, but they were full. I remember my wife picked up a shift at the Arbors agency on night shift many years back, and even then, there was never anything bad to say. We knew coming here would be the best choice, even though it was our second choice. I can’t express how much the staff has gone out of their way for my wife and myself. With me being there and never leaving her side all staff from top to bottom, from the office to the unit, you all made sure both my wife and I were comfortable. This stay has been comfortable and pleasant, and everyone has been very kind. She is now able to move her head and hand. She still gets some dizziness, but I’m just grateful to see her up in the wheelchair trying. Without a doubt, how could I say all this and not recommend the Arbors to others? Thank you for always helping me and directing me. If you didn’t have the answer, you made sure you found someone and brought them to me with solutions. The team on the unit and therapy is the A-team!

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